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Teenager Dies After Waking Up With Infection Despite Showing No Prior Symptoms

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A seemingly healthy teenager went to bed and awoke with a lethal bacterial infection that later killed him.

Adam Tolfree, from Bassingbourn, was rushed to Addenbrooke hospital after waking up in a rash and being sick, but tragically lost his life hours later.

It transpired that the 16-year-old had had septicaemia, brought on by meningococcal bacteria.

Credit: Facebook

His parents, Alison and Mark, and sister, Gemma, paid tribute to their 'model son', saying in a statement: "He was kind and good-hearted and someone who had made a big difference to people's lives by being there for them when they needed him. He was thoroughly enjoying life.

"The family have drawn great strength and comfort from the extraordinary volume of messages of love and support from so many people.

Credit: Facebook

"At times like this, you realise just how many wonderful, caring people there are.

"We would like to pay tribute to the fantastic efforts of the medical team in A&E at Addenbrooke's Hospital, who battled so hard to save him.

"And also to thank everyone for their kindness and love at such a difficult time."

RIP, Adam.

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