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Man Becomes First In Britain To Get Pregnant

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A British man has announced he is pregnant, making him the first in the country.

20-year-old Hayden Cross, from Gloucester, was born a girl but has been living as a man for three years and is legally male. He came off his hormone treatment to get pregnant after finding a sperm donor on Facebook and is now four months pregnant.

Credit: Facebook

Once he has given birth he will go ahead with the full gender reassignment surgery he had previously planned, including having his breasts and ovaries removed.

Hayden initially approached the NHS to get his eggs frozen, but was rejected, so took to Facebook to find someone to help him achieve his dream of becoming a parent.

The dad-to-be told the Sun: "I found I was pregnant two weeks after the sperm was inserted. It was mixed emotions. I was happy but I also knew it would be backtracking on my transition. It is a very female thing to carry a baby and it goes against everything I feel in my body.

"I wanted the kid now so that I can have the transition before I get old."

Credit: Facebook

Hayden said that he will remain single while the baby is young to provide the best possible start in life and that he plans to be the "greatest dad."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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