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Two Lads Die After Trying To Take A Selfie With A Plane In The Background


Two people have died after they attempted to take a selfie with a plane in the background.

The group of five friends had posed for the snap in the middle of a road near an airport perimeter fence in Turkey, when two of them were struck by a passing lorry.

The group were travelling from Alanya to Antalya in Turkey. Three of the friends were able to move out of the way but Muhammet Bozkurt, 17, and Caglar Savasci, 19, were killed.


Credit: Muhammed Bozkurt ve Caglar Savasci Olumsuzdur via Facebook

The driver was unable to see the group lying in the road because it was dark, but immediately called the emergency services following the accident.

A Facebook group was set up to honour the two friends after their tragic death, where family, friends and strangers are paying their respects.

Rest in peace.

Featured image credit: Muhammed Bozkurt ve Caglar Savasci Olumsuzdur via Facebook