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This Is Why Coca-Cola Tastes Better Out Of A Glass Bottle


I'm assuming that the vast majority of us are all fans of Coca-Cola. Whether it's out of a can, a plastic bottle or a glass bottle, we're all susceptible to a bit of Coke.

However, we all know that drinking it out of a glass bottle makes it much nicer, even if it is a rarity. But why?

According to a biochemist who founded Science By Design, Sara Risch, it's all down to the liquid reacting with the material it's held in.


"While packaging and food companies work to prevent any interactions, they can occur," Sara says, and those interactions come from polymers. A can, for example, is lined with polymers to try and stop the drink reacting with the metal. However, interactions can still occur and the lining absorbs some of the flavour.

Sara says that the exact opposite happens when the drink is in a plastic bottle. The bottles have a acetaldehyde lining, which transfers into the flavour of the drink.

Sara advises that the material that gives the most unaltered drinking experience is glass. It's the most inert of the three containers, meaning it's the least chemically reactive.

So that's why when you have an ice cold Coca-Cola out of a glass bottle on holiday, that's why it tastes so much better.