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New Year Resolutions

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Someone Has Started A Petition To Get Snoop Dogg To Narrate An Entire Series Of Planet Earth


After THAT video of Snoop Dogg commentating on nature went viral, some genius has come up with a petition we can all definitely get behind.

Imagine a world where an entire series of Planet Earth was narrated by Snoop Dogg. Just imagine that. Seriously.

Well, someone has created a petition to make it happen and we think everyone in the world should sign it because it's got to be up there with the most worthy of causes ever seen on one of these petition websites. OK, I'm massively exaggerating but still, this would be epic.

He has of course already narrated previous episodes as part of a skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live called Plizzanet Earth but the people clearly want more.

Sign here, lads. Let's make this happen.