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Scottish Lad Goes On Night Out In Glasgow And Wakes Up In Amsterdam


It still amazes me that some people are capable of getting so absolutely shitfaced drunk that they wake up in an entirely different country.

Amateur wrestler David McCallum went out with his mates on Thursday. They headed to Box Bar in Glasgow where Scottish wrestlers would be hanging out ahead of the Insane Championship Wrestling this weekend. David wanted to interview some of the stars for his Facebook page.

Unfortunately, it all got a bit out of hand and before he knew it, he was completely twatted and was thrown out of the club. His memory from that moment is blank.

David's mates told him that bouncers in the next club wouldn't let him in so he headed back home to get his ID. It was there that, for reasons beyond comprehension, he booked a last minute ticket to fly out to his favourite city.

"I love Amsterdam and I lost my job a week ago. I think those combined with booze made me just do it," David told us when he finally got back.

The 22-year-old's drunken bookings didn't go without a hitch though, because he accidentally booked two hotel rooms, leaving himself skint.

"I had two confirmation bookings for two different hotels in my emails," he admitted.

When he woke up with a raging hangover, he had no idea what had happened or where he was. In fact, he thought he was in Edinburgh. He wasn't. He found out exactly where he was when he left the hotel.

Dave had to beg his sister to book him a flight home, but the next flight wasn't until Saturday so she also had to book him into another hotel.

How did he spend the free day in Amsterdam? Well, the same way most 22-year-old's would.

"She said the next flight was early tomorrow so I told her to book me a hotel and went to a couple a cafes and a sex museum," he said.

Eventually, he touched back down in Scotland and immediately sent us his story. Cheers David, you fucking nutter.

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