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Mum Puts Racist Son In His Place With Explosive Truth Bomb


Anyone ignorant and mindless enough to air bigoted, xenophobic opinions on social media is inevitably going to be put to the sword by someone eventually. But there’s no more damning moral authority than your mum.

This idiot posted a nasty status update to his Facebook page that called immigrants ‘disgusting’ and claimed they were unable to hold ‘any decent position in our country’.

The guy, a banker, was clearly not the only person in his friendship group to hold these views, as they all jumped in to agree.

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But then, all of a sudden, with a truth-telling RKO out of nowhere, arrives unnamed racist man’s mum. She's pretty disgusted, and in her words is there to break up the ‘racist orgy’ - with some revelations that definitely make it all a bit awkward. 

*Drops the mic.