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New Year Resolutions

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Lad Creates Chaos By Putting All His Ex Girlfriends In A Group Chat To Wish Them 'Merry Ex-Mas'


Since I broke up with my ex, every Christmas has ended with me drinking too much mulled wine, starting a war of words with my mother about why I haven’t provided her with any grandchildren yet, and texting my ex. Sorry, I have no self-control.

As with any drunk text, nothing good ever comes of it.

It usually starts with me wondering how she’s doing, her answering politely, me suggesting we go for drinks, being told it isn’t going to happen, her calling me a loser, her reminding me we broke up five years ago, you know, all that fun stuff!

Luckily for me, I only have one ex to text at Christmas. Unlike Tom, who sent us his ridiculous Christmas-ex-text story.

He decided it’d be a good idea to wish all his previous girlfriends a very drunk merry EX-mas (get it?), in the same group chat.

As you can imagine, it didn’t start off too well. But like any event in this dark world we live in, things took a surprising turn.

Anyone else crack up at 'bella lol' or just me?

But seriously, I can’t get my ex to speak to me after five years and this guy is getting dates off the back of a joke group chat with all his exes in? I don’t understand the world.

Fair play Tom, you're a slightly less lonely man than I am.

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Words by George Pavlou

Featured image credit: Bring Back Words via Flickr