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John McAfee Revealed How To Hack An iPhone On National Television


If you're not sure who John McAfee is, he's that really eccentric guy with the mammoth Anti Virus software firm named after him. He gave it all up and began living the most random and outrageous life imaginable - which you can read about here.

McAfee is now the Libertarian Party presidential candidate and has been back in the news after he volunteered to decrypt the iPhone used by the San Bernardino shooter. A judge had already asked Apple to do so, but they refused.

McAfee got so pissed off of waiting be taken up on his offer, he just went on national TV and explained "in language simple enough for a child to understand" just how easy it is for the FBI to hack an iPhone they have in custody.

Apparently, if these (simple) steps are followed, they could decrypt the iPhone in half an hour:

1. Hardware engineer takes the phone apart and copies the instruction set (the iOS, application set, and memory).

2. Then you run a program called a disassembler. A program which takes all the 1s and 0s and gives you readable instructions.

3. Then a coder sits down, reads through it, and looks for the first access to the keypad.

4. When the coder sees that then he reads the instructions for where in the memory this keypad code is stored.

It begs the question, why haven't they done this already?