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Ever Wondered Why Bus Seats Are Always Covered In Hideous Patterns?


Have you ever sat on the bus and wondered why the seats are covered in retro multi-coloured prints that look like they've been there since 1981? 

Admittedly, probably not, but we stumbled across a blog that has found out why and we thought you might like to know. You never know when you might need this info, pub quizzes are only getting more difficult and it's always worth remembering how generally bad fashion and design was in the 80s so we never return to those times. 

Anyway, the actual reason they design the seats so badly is to hide just how minging they are. That doesn't make any sense, right? Give us a moment. 

Bus seats are ugly because they're designed in such a way, using complex mind-reading algorithms, so that our eyes are distracted from all the actual muck and grime that can be found on them.

Image courtesy of Richard Masoner

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To the commuters eye, it almost always seems relatively clean, when in actual fact there is all kinds of sh*t on there that we would only be able to see if the seat fabrics were plain.

It's an illusion basically. But it's a necessary illusion because the video below will probably make you never want to sit on a seat ever again. 

Grim. So thank you, really terrible bus seat designers for hiding the truth from us all this time. We understand it was for the best.