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New Year Resolutions

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Football Manager 2014 Tips


With the release of FM14, LADBible felt it was only best to give both newcomers and regulars some advice we feel can help you improve your already solid displays or be ready for your first foray into management.


Take your time in the off-season

In real life, you hear people talk about how pre-season games don’t matter, however, in Football Manager they are an excellent time to judge your side, your tactics and plan towards your season. Use this time to try a little bit of everything, work out where your squad is and most importantly don’t rush it, you don’t want to have to tinker too much mid-season or be disappointed with your squad’s overall quality because you might be looking for another job sooner rather than later.


Don’t always splash the cash

You’re not Real Madrid planning the latest stunt in the circus of record signings you don’t need. Just because there is cash to spend doesn’t mean every penny needs to go before the window shuts. The cash will most likely still be there next window, if not more, so don’t waste cash needlessly on players you might not need. Added tip, if you are below the Championship, put your entire transfer budget into the wage budget. You can easily get good enough players either on loan with no payment or on frees, so there is no point paying for anyone until you reach the Championship.


Believe in young players

If an 18-year-old kid could turn out to be amazing, let him play football. Star ratings, and ratings in general, can sky-rocket within a season of regular football for a young player and he can grow into that world class player quicker. Don’t be Arsene Wenger and guard them forever, let them loose and if they don’t live up to it after a few games bring someone else in.


Experience isn’t so bad

Whilst I would recommend only giving yearly deals to over 30’s unless they are a lynchpin of your side, do look out for good deals on older players that can solidify your side. This especially helps, in my experience, either when you’ve just been promoted or are trying to get promoted, getting that man with the experience can really help. Then when you do solidify your position, prepare a younger substitute and maybe keep the old bloke as a bench player for a year as a thank you.


Enjoy it!

This might sound stupid but there will be rough times and difficult decisions, just make sure you don’t take it too seriously. If you’re getting annoyed, you can always resign or even start a new game, it’s why Football Manager is such a good game. If you’re getting annoyed about signing fake players, just start as a new team and go again. And remember lads, always brag about your accomplishments in FM, regardless of how small they are! I mean, I beat Arsenal with a League 1 Wycombe Wanderers side! (In pre-season, with their weakened side, that was unfit, but still…)


Are you a FM veteran? Feel like your CV could genuinely bag you a job in the Premier League? Share your own advice and tips in the comments below.