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New Year Resolutions

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Dog The Bounty Hunter Is On The Hunt For War Machine


Well, it's pretty clear to us that MMA fighter, War Machine, is a bit of a pr*ck.

On Friday night he headed over to ex-porn star girlfriend Christy Mack's house and used her as a human punching bag. After making her shower naked, cutting her hair off with a blunt knife and beating the living daylights out of her, she was left with 18 broken facial bones and a ruptured kidney.

However, a mutual family friend of Christy's got in touch with Dog the Bounty Hunter, the most famous bloodhound in the USA, and as you can imagine he isn't happy about what's happened to her.

So, Dog gave War Machine until 7pm on Tuesday night (American time) to turn himself into police... And now that deadline has passed.

Apparently Dog's whole crew is ready to go after War Machine, so as soon as the bounty hunt begins, you'll be the first to know.

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