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New Year Resolutions

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Conor McGregor Defies Critics And Proves He's Actually A Top Bloke


Conor McGregor has pissed off a lot of people since his rise to UFC stardom. It's no surprise, the man can run his mouth like no other.

But underneath all that bravado is a really top lad who truly is a massive credit to himself, his family and his fans.

A couple of nights ago, the city of Galway lost its shit when rumours spread that the UFC champ was in town. Hundreds of fans poured out of their houses to catch a glimpse of McGregor and despite being just two weeks off his 155lb lightweight championship fight with Rafael Dos Anjos, he was more than happy to stop and take pictures with his fans. brought this Facebook post to our attention which just proves what a truly stand-up guy McGregor is, even with all the fame, the money and the success.

What an absolute top bloke. There aren't many sports super stars who have as much time for their fans as McGregor.